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On-Site Installation


On-Site Installation


OREP provides several installation services to assist you in developing projects/sites from design through ongoing maintenance:


  • Trainings

  • Project management support

  • Engineering capabilities

  • Technical assistance


OREP supports its clients with all its experience of over 40 years to match its customers project needs with the right set of skills and tools to ensure the quickest Time to Value.  OREP’s highly skilled and knowledge team has helped many integrators to deploy our perimeter protection solution to meet their security-specific challenges in the shortest time possible. 


Contract on-site installation and engineer support and maintenance can be provided by OREP team of engineers and technicians. They have been trained and have the necessary experience to work under electrical, chemical, gas and ATEX environments.


OREP ensures that our systems are correctly installed to achieve the maximum benefits for the end-user.