Perifence™ +

sensor Fence with dense mesh

The instrumentation of PERIFENCE®+ is performed on a 358 type of panel that allows an important slow down. This type of system is very difficult to cross by cutting or by climbing.
Detection when there is a cut off, a shear, on peel and on climbing
Reliability: Very low rate of false alarm
Performance: High level of detection
Modularity of alarms zones/invisible and discrete system, perfect for the protection of industrial sites with high risks
Ideal for industrial site protection



The PERIFENCE®+ system, designed and developed by OREP Engineering office, is a detector fence that consistof panel with rigid welded mesh.
The horizontal tubes are instrumented with sensor cables that detect when there is a cut off.
This perimeter detection device is fully integrated in the fence and totally invisible. The detection wire is placed in a way to form a current loop in which, analyzed by an electronic ZUC40, will constitute an alarm.
PERIFENCE®+ use EPI-SURE Connectivity to perform loop continuity. The top part of the PERIFENCE®+ is equipped with detector sills that allow detecting upper crossing.
EPI-SURE connection guarantees the isolation of the electrical loop and allows easy maintenance.

Features and benefits

  • A solid fence (Deter-Slow down) dense mesh
  • Mesh size 12.7x76.2mm/wire of 4mm
  • Reliable sensors (Detect-Interfere)
  • Detector tubes of 10mm
  • Discrete and invisible system
  • Modularity and evolution of alarms zones
  • Insensitivity on the weather condition
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Alarm before penetration
  • Strong power to delay
  • Possibility of equipping access (PERIGATE)

Alarms information

  • Cut off of panels in horizontal and vertical
  • Pull off of panels
  • Attempt climbing
  • Attempt sabotage


Application and references

Electric Power Station - Nuclear Center - Nuclear Power Station - Gas Compression Station - Research Laboratory - LNG Terminals - Petrochemical Sites - Jail...