Perifence™ Mobile

Temporary mobile fence with detection

The PERIFENCE MOBILE is a temporary fence for securing sites or events. It can be moved according to the phases of construction.
The PERIFENCE MOBILE can operate independently or be connected to an existing perimeter protection system.
The PERIFENCE MOBILE can be reused and re installed on other parts of the site or other sites.
Securing temporary construction
Cut through detection and escalation
Reliability, Performance and Scalability of PERIFENCE
Can be reused or move according to different phases of construction
Possibility of setting up in final
Significant savings on the costs of caretaking



The PERIFENCE MOBILE system designed and developed by the engineering office of OREP is a mobile version of sensor fence PERIFENCE for closing sites.

The PERIFENCE MOBILE is for the protection and development of temporary safety sites.

The system consists of modules of sensor panels assembled to each other and fixed to the ground by four concrete studs mounted on appropriate plates.

Each module measures 2.50m wide and 2m70 high sill including a fuse detector bent arm of 80 cm to detect climbing The panels are locked at the posts and integrate a sensor wire invisibly. PERIFENCE used the EPI-SURE connectors system to effect continuity of the sensor loop. The connection EPI- SURE guarantees the isolation of the electrical loop and allows rapid implementation and easy maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • Device height: 2m70 with 2m50 wide modules
  • A solid fence (Deter - Slow)
  • Reliable sensors (Detect - Respond)
  • Detection of the vertical tubes
  • Invisible and unobtrusive system
  • Very low false alarms rate
  • Alarm before penetration
  • Reliable and plug connectors EPI-SURE (IP67)
  • Maintenance: Low, easy and fast

Alarm Information

  • Cutting of the fence
  • Removing panels
  • Climbing attempts


Applications - References

Petrochemical and hydrocarbon site - Protection Building Events - Sports Events - Temporary securing a sensitive site following incidents or accidents