General software of supervision

It allows to simultaneously managing the alarms related to perimeter protection information, access control and CCTV. Tool in order to generate reports, statistics, and client computers - servers...
Different levels of user rights
Synoptic and alarms management
Reporting and statistics
Video management
Management of access control
Possibility of remote stations



PERIVISION is a multi-site video and security system on sensitive industrial facilities operating system. Software users are connecting from a login that allows appropriate rights at the user level (operator, supervisor of the system, maintenance technician). The PERIVISION allows viewing and managing events on the protection system synoptic.


All events (Intrusion Alarm, Alarm Maintenance, Sabotage, Log-in...) are chronologically recorded at the bottom of the screen.


The user can perform, inhibit or reset the alarms. The PERIVISION software generates automatically reports and guidance in order to monitor and follow up events and human actions. PERIVISION software performs statistics by type of event, the type of alarm or alarm group (zone). The inputs and outputs are directly configurable in software.


PERIVISION Software is a powerful and efficient tool for the supervisor in the usual management of the security sites.

Application and references

Electric Power Station - Nuclear Center - Nuclear Power Station - Gas Compression Station - Research Laboratory - LNG Terminals - Petrochemical Sites - Jail - Prisons - Army Bases...