Detection system formed with bars grid instrumented for the protection of piping, effluent, nozzle, air duct and ventilation

It is designed and tailored further the protection, operation and maintenance needs.
Enhanced physical protection
Alarm information: Intrusion and tamper
Designed further the needs and the constraints
Reliability: Very low rate of false alarm
Performance: High level of detection



PERISAS is an intrusion detection solution that allows securing the SAS, piping, effluent, nozzle, air duct and ventilation.
OREP propose a solution in which the concept is to customs further the protection needs and constraints of the exploitation and the maintenance.
The bars grid systems are designed by OREP custom made.


These are welded assemblies with a very long lifetime and a guarantee against corrosion for 10 years.
Detection is performed by cutting the sensor wire in which it will instrument the grids.
PERISAS system and junction boxes are self protected.
In case of important size of opening protection, a PERIGATE can be installed in order to create a protected access.


  • Custom design
  • Insensitivity on the weather condition
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Set up of the system at the factory further the needs
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy and fast reparation
  • Long Lifetime

Information d’alarmes

  • Découpe de la grille barreaudée
  • Alarme effraction sur le matériel (arrachement) a Ouverture du vantail d’accès
  • Alarme sur tentative de shunt et de sabotage a Autoprotection des boitiers de jonction



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