Rigid weld mesh sensor Fence

Detection is integrated into the tubes of the fence and totally invisible.
The PERIFENCE comes in several versions depending on the level of security required (PERIFENCE CLASSIC, PERIFENCE DOUBLE, PERIFENCE +). It is the ideal solution for the protection of sensitive industrial sites.
Cut through detection and climbing
Reliability: very low false alarm rate
Performance: High level of detection
Modularity of the alarm’s zone / Invisible and discrete system
Ideal for the protection of industrial sites



The PERIFENCE CLASSIC system, designed and developed by the OREP engineering office is a sensor fence made of welded rigid mesh panels with horizontal tubes. These are instrumented using a sensor cable cut (ref. OREP wire E).


This detection perimeter device is fully integrated into the fence and totally invisible. The detection wire is wired so as to form a current loop which analyzed by electronics ZUC40 constitutes an alarm area.


The upper part is fitted with detection breakable bent arms that detect the climbing. The panels are locked at the posts and integrate a sensor wire invisibly. PERIFENCE used the EPI-SURE connectors system to effect continuity of the sensor loop. The connection EPI- SURE guarantees the isolation of the electrical loop and allows rapid implementation and easy maintenance.


  • Reliable detection
  • Very low false alarm rate


Alarm Information

  • Cutting detection on panels
    - PERIFENCE CLASSIC & PERIFENCE+ : Horizontal wires
    - PERIFENCE DOUBLE: Horizontal & Vertical wires
  • Breakout panels
  • Climbing attempts
  • Attempt to shunt and sabotage


Features and Benefits

  • A solid fence (Deter - Slow)
  • Reliable sensors (Detect - Respond)
  • Invisible and unobtrusive system
  • Modularity and scalability of alarm zones,
  • Insensitivity to weather conditions
  • Very low false alarm rate
  • Alarm before penetration
  • Possibility of equipping the access (PERIGATE)
  • Reliable and plug connectors EPI-SURE (IP67)
  • Maintenance: low, easy and fast


OREP offers a complete range of PERIFENCE detection fencing systems that allows to respond appropriately to the security specification of the sensitive site to protect.

  • PERIFENCE CLASSIC Detection on horizontal tubes panel
  • PERIFENCE+ 358 Dense mesh with horizontal detection
  • PERIFENCE DOUBLE Horizontal AND Vertical Detection


ZUC40 Electronic

The principle of the detection is based on the analysis of the electrical characteristics of an isolated current loop which is formed by the closing sensor PERIFENCE.

  • Analysis of the current loop impedance
  • Analysis of the short-circuit
  • Analysis of the variation of leakage current

The ZUC40 electronic board is could be mount in a standalone unit (2 or 4 zones), it can also be rack mounted (up to 10 zones per rack).



The PERIFENCE can be installed in two types of configuration:

  • An architecture with field electronic cabinet, consisting on ventilated thermostatically boxes witch control 2 or 4 zones,
  • A centralized architecture with a detection bay equipped by ZUC40 electronic board racks and PERIVISION software in option.