Fuse Detection Bent Arm

Climbing detection device for the top part of fences or walls

An intruder that tries to climb the protection system will switch the device. The fuse sill will cut the sensor wire and detects an intrusion at the time of the attempted crossing. The fuse sill can be returned to service and repairs very fast.
Detection when climbing
At the top of it we can add as an option: panels, concertina, instrumented fence or detection net
Reliability: Very low rate of false alarm
Performance: High detection level Possibility to equip the access or wall



The “Fuse Detection Bent Arms” are used to assure the detection when there is an attempt to climb and cross the protection system.


They can be used at the top of instrumented fence (PERIFENCE) or sensor net (PERISTOP®), for the protection of walls and buildings.


The “Bent Arms” are articulated in the two ways. A human force or climbing will make the mechanism rotate and it will break the sill to create an alarm.


The filling of the sill can be done in panels or razor wire / concertina. The “Fuse Detection Bent Arms” are made with an articulation, type guillotine call “fuse”, stainless steel once triggered, cut the sensor wire.


The calibration of the sill is set in the factory for a pushing force or pulling between 15 and 20 kg at the top of bent arm.

Features and Advantages

  • Climbing detection
  • Fuse articulation in stainless steel
  • Cut off detection
  • Insensitivity on the weather condition
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Set up of the system at the factory further the needs
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy and fast reparation


We are able to propose simple or double bent arms (in Y or in V)

The bent arm can be installed in different manner:

  • Vertical
  • Inclined oriented inside
  • Inclined oriented outside



  • Protection of instrumented fence from the range of “PERIFENCE”
  • Protection on detector net system “PERISTOP®
  • Protection of the top part of the gates “PERIGATE”
  • Possibility of fusion with “PERICOIL”/”PERICOILACTIV”/”ACTIVCOIL”
  • Protection of the top of the walls
  • Protection of the buildings