Intrusion detection system with cable shock sensor mounted on fence

The new technology of the DEFENSOR cable associate to the GD-5000-E analyzer, increase the performance level with a better amplification of the signal and significant decrease in background noise to obtain a very low rate of false alarms and excellent quality of the detection.
DEFENSOR Cable – vibration detection on the fence
New electronic GD-5000-E
Better probability of detection
Very low rate of false alarms
Decreasing of background noise
High level of signal precision
Patented detection technology



The DEFENSOR system excels once again in the analysis of signal.

The combination of the DEFENSOR cable with its unique magnetic forms and the GD-5000-E electronic board is revolutionizing the technology by offering levels of detection and noise reduction never achieved.

Features and Advantages

  • A leading technology in the market
  • A very high detection rate
  • Analysis of background noise and signal attenuation
  • Easy to install and simple settings
  • Low maintenance, easy and fast


Alarms information

  • Cutting and Sawing Detection (Fence panels, Wires, Bars...)
  • Tamper on junction boxes and electronics enclosure

Support Types

  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Steel cladding of buildings
  • Barbed wires / Concertina


Applications and reference

Laboratories - Chemical and Petrochemical sites - Industrial sites - PV fields - Temporary protection