Peripheral LED lighting system

PERILED is a peripheral lighting device that is installed on an external enclosure support (Fence, Bent Arm, Wall...). It comes under a water- resistant LED coverconnected to a supply box.
Lighting function and/or flashing in case of alarm
Available in kit by sector
Variable lighting and adjustable further the needs
Low consumption and long lifetime
IR lighting option for IR Cameras



PERILED lighting system is a product developed by our engineers in OREP design office. It is conception allows to be installed on an existing support (ex: Site Fence) and/or to be integrated on a fence as the PERIFENCE range from OREP.


The PERILED can be declined into two versions:

  • Peripheral lighting
  • Deterrent lighting by a flashing system


PERILED lighting devices can be managed by a system of detection anti- intrusion and thus allows lighting up one or several alarms sectors in a deterrent way.


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