A volumetric detection device with a capacitive field

It detects the intruder from his approach and allows intercepting him before he cross the site perimeter security. This system is particularly appreciated in the field of nuclear and high risk sites.
High probability of detection
Detection on approach
Very low rate of false alarms (FAR/NAR)
Volumetric detection
Stability of the performances
Installed in more than 40% of the nuclear sites in United States Works with any weather: Rain, Snow, Frost and Fog. Maintenance cost very low
More than 20 years of lifetime
Well know for impassable without detection
Hardware in stainless steel



PERIFELD-M system stays the best volumetric detection system on the market. It provides a level of security never reached and provides a very low rate of false alarms. PERIFELD-M reliability assigned to a low cost of maintenance makes a logical choice in order to increase the safety level of your sites.


PERIFELD-M system is actually considered as the best perimeter protection alarm system for the installation of high safety worldwide. PERIFELD-M system provides the highest level of security with a very low rate of false alarms compared to other volumetric systems. In France the first test of PERIFELD-M started in 1990 in response to customer security site needs and constraints. The PERIFELD-M has been successfully tested by the Air Force and the CEA (“Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives”) during more than 12 months. PERIFELD-M system is referred in United States; it is installed in over 40% of nuclear plants. Preliminary tests were conducted by one of the leading operator’s nuclear reactors in the Midwest. In this study, another microwave detection system has been installed in parallel for comparison by the operator. During the test period, lasting 18 months, PERIFELD-M system underwent harsh weather conditions including two very cold winters with snow.


Test results showed a significant difference between the two systems. During 18 months of operation, PERIFELD-M system had no day of downtime while the other system was available less than 90% of the time and exposed to very high nuisance alarm rates.

Features and advantages

  • Approval: answer to requirements USNRC REG5.44, rev3 and exceed the test criteria a Performance: Strong probability of detection and low rate of false alarm (FAR/NAR) a Return on investment: maintenance cost very low
  • Reliability: Low failure, stability of performance and lifetime more than 20 years.
  • Efficiency: Optimizing the use of task forces


« PERIFELD-M » Operation

  • Operates in extreme weather conditions including wind, rain, snow and storms a The only intrusion detection system that detects on 5 m high
  • Ability to perform maintenance and diagnostics via a PC program


  • Installation as the only system in a detection corridor
  • By lining of an existing fence
  • Mounted at the top of fence or wall
  • Protection of building roof
  • Protection of river or coastline


Applications and references

Electric Power Station - Nuclear Center - Nuclear Power Station - Gas Compression Station - Research Laboratory - LNG Terminals - Petrochemical Sites - Jail...