High voltage electrified concertina

This device combines the concertina deterrence and the repulsion of the electrified system. Really simple to install, it is adapted to the protection of sensible industry perimeter.
Adapted to all type of support, wall and fence.
Cut off and attempt crossing detection
High voltage electrical repulsion
Reliability: Very low rate of false alarms
Deterrent and great durability



ACTIVCOIL combines the concertina deterrent aspect and the high voltage repulsion/detection electrification. ACTIVCOIL rolls are constituted with an inside coil wire electrified and maintained by insulators every 120°. The energizer has a high voltage mode and a low-voltage mode.


Three types of detection are possible:

  • Detection when there is a contact with an electrified wires
  • Cut off power line
  • Line failure, grounding or insulation


ACTIVCOIL is dreadful when it is associated to detections bent arms that allow detecting climbing tentative. High security applications are associated to ACTIVCOIL rolls in order to create a stronger detection fence.


  • Finish - Galvanized steel, stainless steel 430, 304L or 316L (Seaside)
  • Single or dual rolls - Diameter: 450/690/700/730/950 mm
  • Blade types: Standard blade bayonets 22 mm (also available in 10/25/28 mm
  • 55 windings per rolls - 3 or 5 staples by winding
  • Stretch recommended 8 m (10 m maximum)
  • Electrified Wire
    • 3mm galvanized wire
    • Diameter around 320 mm
    • The distance between the coil and the electrified concertina = 15cm
  • Isolator bracket “Poly acetyl” (POM) gray - Insulation 30,000V - UV Treatment


  • Significant deterrent power
  • Significant timer delay
  • Detection on cut off - Alarm before penetration
  • Control of the insulation and shunt detection attempts
  • Invisible detection system
  • Insensitivity to weather
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Modularity and scalability of alarm zones
  • Possibility to equip the access (PERIGATE)
  • Low maintenance, easy and fast


Application and References

Electric Power Station - Nuclear Center - Nuclear Power Station - Gas Compression Station - Research Laboratory - LNG Terminals - Petrochemical Sites - Jail - Prisons - Army Bases...