Range of gates reinforced and secured

The PERIGATE range allows assuring uniformity of the perimeter detection through sliding gate, swing gate, pedestrian gate or turnstile.
Detection when there is a cut off, a shear, on peel and on climbing. Reliability: Very low rate of false alarm
Performance: High level of detection
Modularity of alarms zones/invisible and discrete system, perfect for the protection of industrial sites with high risks
Uniformity of the detection



PERIGATE is a range of hardened and secured opening developed by OREP, integrating intrusion detection systems PERIFENCE or PERISTOP® (sensor fence) or ACTIVFENCE (electric fence).

The range includes manuals opening or motorized further the European norms. NF EN 13241-1

The leaves of the gates are equipped with instrumented panels and equipped on the top part of sensor sills.

PERIGATE solution guarantees uniformity of the perimeter detection on the access level while integrating their security on the global system.

Features and Advantages

  • Instrumentation panels fitted to the door leaf
  • Discrete and invisible system
  • Modularity and evolution of alarms zones
  • Insensitivity on the weather condition
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Alarm before penetration
  • Strong power to delay

Alarms information

  • Cut off of panels in horizontal or vertical (option)
  • Pull off of panels
  • Attempt climbing
  • Attempt sabotage



  • Sliding gate
  • Swing gate
  • Single gate
  • Others: SAS, turnstiles