Ensuring the most reliable perimeter protection solutions available nowadays in the world, OREP works hand-in-hand with its clients and remain accessible through all stages of a project - from concept to deployment to long term support. The firm has the capability to see a project through its entire life cycle, from planning to implementation to operation and maintenance, and has earned a distinguished reputation for its technical and management expertise.

Security Review

Installing custom-designed new systems requires that each project begins with a thorough survey of the proposed deployment site. After our team of security experts have carefully surveyed and assessed the site, OREP will prepare, along with our client, a site design plan, identifying specific equipment configurations, components and site preparation requirements.

Our team of security professionals understands the difficulties of successfully designing and deploying security systems in a wide variety of complex environments. They will conduct:

  • Site visits
  • Security risk analysis
  • Analysis of current and future security needs
  • Recommend the appropriate countermeasures to mitigate your risks
  • Support to write the Technical Specification document

OREP offers a wide spectrum of products and services, depending on their individual needs and requirements:

  • External intrusion detection systems
  • Detection fences
  • High voltage electric fences
  • Fence posts & grills incorporating intrusion sensor
  • Gates & access control
  • Barbed wire detection systems
  • Supervision
  • Video detection

System Design

OREP has developed a unique set of perimeter protection solutions optimized for outdoor and general security applications.
OREP offers turnkey solutions are customized to meet the requirements for any security project. OREP’s staff capabilities extend to integrating mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

With experience from basic materials through engineering design and control systems they use the most sophisticated software tools (SolidWorks Premium, Autocad LT 2009, Orcad…) to create, design, build, test and place complete security solutions.

  • Design CAO 3D (SolidWorks)
  • A fast and compact calculation method based on finite elements
  • Materials (metals, plastics and composites)
  • Test simulations of shocks, vibrations and various extreme environmental conditions rain, (snow, wind, humidity, wildlife activity,..)
Electronic research
  • Analog/Digital
  • Switching, coupling, filtering
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Analysis in potentially volatile environments
  • Power measurements
  • Integrated security management solution
  • System management software

Project management

OREP prides itself in site-specific perimeter protection systems design and engineering support with a solid track record of successful project management for over 50 years.

Our superior installation oversight as well as our quality assurance practices, commissioning and training of personnel all come together to make sure your site meets all the security specifications.

Our ability to provide integrated perimeter protection solutions for the Oil & Gas, utilities, airports and military customers is demonstrated daily in our systems which maximize performance, quality and reliability achieving the highest levels.

The firm has the capability to see a project through its entire life cycle, from planning to implementation to operation and maintenance, and has earned a distinguished reputation for its technical and management expertise.

Your security is the quality of our solutions, and is guaranteed by the strictest tests and selections applying the ISO 9001:2008 in our business activities.

On-Site Installation

OREP provides several installation services to assist you in developing projects/sites from design through ongoing maintenance:

  • Trainings
  • Project management support
  • Engineering capabilities
  • Technical assistance

OREP supports its clients with all its experience of over 40 years to match its customers project needs with the right set of skills and tools to ensure the quickest Time to Value. OREP’s highly skilled and knowledge team has helped many integrators to deploy our perimeter protection solution to meet their security-specific challenges in the shortest time possible.
Contract on-site installation and engineer support and maintenance can be provided by OREP team of engineers and technicians. They have been trained and have the necessary experience to work under electrical, chemical, gas and ATEX environments.

OREP ensures that our systems are correctly installed to achieve the maximum benefits for the end-user.


OREP offers intensive technical trainings through application and practice on:

  • Mechanical installation
  • Electrical installation
  • Electronic settings
  • Test and Measurements
  • Installation support, settings and commissioning
  • Trainings are customized according to each project requirements and available at office or on-site.

Before and after sales support

To ensure clients’ and their own company’s needs are met, OREP provides technical assistance at any moment to our partners and customers through our comprehensive supply of technical information and expert technical staff.
OREP prides itself on the speed of delivery and the quality of our services and solutions, as well as an excellent rapport and reputation with our Clients and Partners.

At the end of a project, OREP is there to assist and advise clients. OREP teams are available to monitor the needs of the client:

  • Council
  • Technical assistance
  • Small works
  • Spare Parts