OREP powered by FEBUS Optics

Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS).
Using distributed fiber sensing (DAS).
PERISENS fits on all types of fences, walls or buildings and all environments (salt, chemical, ex-proof areas...).
Ideal for high security or industrial sites with huge perimeter

Description of the system


  • PERISENS device is a Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system that provides acoustic sensing typically every 1 m over several tens of kilometers with optical fiber cable deployed on or near the highly sensitive area perimeter. The PERISENS device can be connected to optical fiber cables already installed.
  • PERISENS devices convert the installed single mode fiber optic cable into a sequence of “Virtual Geophones” that are spaced 1 meter apart, over tens of kilometers. By this operation, the installed fiber optic cable is acting as a sensor all along the asset. The only requirement is to connect the device to one end of one free core of the fiber optic cable.
  • This system is specifically designed to meet harsh environment requirements with a single-ended connection to the optical fiber sensing cable.

PERISENS PIDS Performances:

  • Realtime alerting of any intrusion (digging, fence climbing, fence cutting)
  • Up to 50 km/Up to 1 m location accuracy
  • Interoperability with global automation systems (CCTV/PTZ camera...)
  • Environmental condition filtering

Fiber optic cable deployment:

  • On fence
  • On wall
  • Buried
  • Using existing telecommunication network

Control/Visualisation software included:

  • Evolutive filtering
  • Alert management


SCADA > Global Automation system
(relay module, MODBUS, OPC)


PERISENS Supervision Software offers:

  • Desktop study, FAT, SAT
  • Commissioning, Installation, Training
  • Continuity of operation (providing all necessary
  • [switching automation] spare parts)


Mapping recording to field GPS coordinates

  • Alert acknowledgment
  • Interoperability with third party system


Applications and references

Perimeter security of highly sensitive area such as:

  • Oil & Gas facilities
  • Border
  • Storage/Power plants
  • Military restricted area
  • Airports