Ulmalu® turnstile

ULMALU® Turnstiles guarantee better filtering of pedestrians combined with convenient and unobtrusive use

They are built of noble materials resisting the test of time (aluminium - marine quality stainless steel - composites). ULMALU® Turnstiles are used in order to guarantee and reinforce the security on sensible sites.
Strengthened turnstiles for sensible sites
Great durability: Metal parts in stainless steel and Aluminium
Long life time and high reliability
Inconspicuous turnstiles for sensible sites



The electromechanical ULMALU® Turnstile is an external one-man drum or double man drum for efficient access control to sensitive sites.

Strengthened Turnstiles for efficient access control in order to reinforce sensitive sites ULMALU® Turnstiles are built in noble materials with long life time.

The structure and roofing are in aluminium, the rotor in stainless type marine quality and the hood in composite lockable for the integration of access control accessories.

The ULMALU® Turnstile design have been developed by an industrial designer: with vertical bars in wide sections facilitating the integration of accessories and all kinds of cables to the roof.

The rotor are designed with marine stainless steel arms for a durability.

Locking drums is composed of powerful and robust electromagnetic ratchets.

The return to initial position is provided by a fully mechanical system with integrated braking and deceleration.

Technical Characteristics

  • Maximum number of passing people /min: 10 to 16
  • Maximum Width: 1850 mm (2950 mm Double Version)
  • Total depth: 1330 mm
  • Passage height: 2080 mm
  • Widest clear passage width: 730 mm
  • Narrowest clear passage width: 660 mm
  • Total height : 2360 mm
  • Hood Composite index: IP65
  • Operating temperature range: -15 to +60°C
  • Maximum humidity in operation: 90%

Range and Options

  • ULMALU® Turnstile One-Man Drum
  • ULMALU® Turnstile Double-Man Drum
  • Options available for ULMALU® Turnstiles
    • Zone lighting in order to indicate the way
    • Red/Green lights for crossing priority
    • Polycarbonate filling (Transparent side for design)
    • Tropicalization roof to avoid condensation
    • Motor Driven version: driven by a brushless servo motor
    • Heel protection foam
    • Integration of accessories:
      • Card reader
      • CCTV Dome
      • Intercom


Applications and references

Oil & Gas site - Military sites - Airports - Power Station - Nuclear Power site - Logistic sites - Water extraction site - Prison / Jails - Harbour - Borders - Industrial site - VIP properties