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Security Review

A high-quality service to meet the requirements for any project


Ensuring the most reliable perimeter protection solutions available nowadays in the world, OREP  works hand-in-hand with its clients and remain accessible through all stages of a project - from concept to deployment to long term support. The firm has the capability to see a project through its entire life cycle, from planning to implementation to operation and maintenance, and has earned a distinguished reputation for its technical and management expertise.


Security Review

Installing custom-designed new systems requires that each project begins with a thorough survey of the proposed deployment site. After our team of security experts have carefully surveyed and assessed the site, OREP will prepare, along with our client, a site design plan, identifying specific equipment configurations, components and site preparation requirements


Our team of security professionals understands the difficulties of successfully designing and deploying security systems in a wide variety of complex environments. They will conduct:


  • Site visits

  • Security risk analysis

  • Analysis of current and future security needs

  • Recommend the appropriate countermeasures to mitigate your risks

  • Support to write the Technical Specification document


OREP offers a wide spectrum of products and services, depending on their individual needs and requirements


  • External intrusion detection systems

  • Detection fences

  • High voltage electric fences

  • Fence posts & grills incorporating intrusion sensor

  • Gates & access control

  • Barbed wire detection systems

  • Supervision

  • Video detection