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System Design

OREP has developed a unique set of perimeter protection solutions optimized for outdoor and general security applications.


OREP offers turnkey solutions are customized to meet the requirements for any security project. OREP’s staff capabilities extend to integrating mechanical, electrical and electronic components.


With experience from basic materials through engineering design and control systems they use the most sophisticated software tools (SolidWorks Premium, Autocad LT 2009, Orcad…)  to create, design, build, test and place complete security solutions


  • Design CAO 3D (SolidWorks)

  • A fast and compact calculation method based on finite elements

  • Materials (metals, plastics and composites)

  • Test simulations of shocks, vibrations and various extreme environmental conditions rain, (snow, wind, humidity, wildlife activity,..)


Electronic research


  • Analog/Digital

  • Switching, coupling, filtering

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Analysis in potentially volatile environments

  • Power measurements

  • Integrated security management solution

  •  System management software