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Perimeter Protection Solutions


OREP, perimeter protection solutions, leader in France, is specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of perimeter protection systems (intrusion detection systems on fences, concertinas and gates). For over 40 years OREP has established its leading position in France thanks to constant investment in the development and application of the most reliable and performing detection systems (PERISTOP®, PERIFENCE, PERICOIL, etc.). OREP’s mission is to develop and ensure security projects integrating its key technologies to meet in the most effective way the clients' security needs.





o    PERIFENCE CRASH-RATED: PERIFENCE CRASH-RATED range provides protection against light or heavy vehicle attacks. It also provides a physical barrier for anyone outside the site. The fence can be inert or equipped with integrated detection (Cutting and climbing detector).

o    PERIFENCE BARREAUDEE: PERIFENCE BARREAUDEE instrumentation is carried out inside the bars. Elegant and robust, its landscape integration allows a valuation of the space.
o    PREVENTICA 2018 : OREP SAS participates to PREVENTICA security exhibition in Lyon from May 29 to 31, 2018. Booth number H15.

o    EXPOPROTECTION 2018: OREP SAS participates to EXPOPROTECTION security exhibition in Paris from November 6 to 8, 2018.

o    INTERSEC 2019: OREP SAS participates to INTERSEC security exhibition in Dubai from January 20 to 22, 2019.

The PERISTOP® solution is a fence which consists of a vertical net of detection wire integrated in stainless steel tubes.

The system reliability and the insensibility to the environmental conditions make up the system with the lowest false alarm rate.



PERIFENCE solution is a rectangular weld mesh fence whose horizontal tubes are lined with a detection wire. The detection system is invisible and fully integrated in the fence.


PERICOIL detection solution consists of an isolated conductor integrated inside a stainless steel or galvanized roll of Concertina wire. All the Concertina wires from a section are connected to form a current loop which makes up an alarm zone. PERICOIL solution can be installed and adapted to any fence or wall.


PERIGATE solution represents a width portfolio of high security gates and access control solutions. OREP integrates its engineering solutions PERISTOP® and PERIFENCE into the PERIGATE systems. This variety of gates, manual or automatic, complies with the industry standards

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SERVICES OREP’s engineering capabilities offers a full support to its clients in the design, installation and commissioning for the realization of the highest security projects.