Secure a construction site

You are looking to secure a construction site.
We offer several solutions for perimeter security, with cut or motion detection. Our solutions are efficient with a very low error rate.

We are available to answer your questions, to advise you and to propose an installation as close as possible to your needs.


System controllers.

Flexible, broad-ranging local and remote perimeter control options.
Universal INTREPIDTM System Controllers provide extensive perimeter security management options, enabling the development of an alarm monitoring and control program to suit each facility's unique requirements. INTREPIDTM System Controllers offer scalable, plug-and-play solutions to suit sites of any size or configuration, with features ranging from local or remote relay control to centralized, TCP/IP-based management of large or multi-site applications. Network-based control options support remote device configuration and monitoring capabilities for networked applications.


Fence detection system.

INTREPIDTM MicroPointTM II is the new-generation version of Southwest Microwave's field-proven perimeter fence detection system for applications where the detection of cut or climb attempts is required. A newly enhanced FSK communications system increases the range for system communication across the sensor cables.


Buried cable intrusion detection system.

INTREPIDTM MicroTrackTM II is the new-generation of Southwest Microwave's field-proven buried cable intrusion detection system for applications where covert perimeter protection is essential. It is a volumetric, terrainfollowing sensor that reliably detects and precisely locates walking, running or crawling intruders along a facility's perimeter. MicroTrackTM II incorporates enhanced digital signal processing for even higher detection performance in challenging site conditions.

INTREPID™ MicroWave 316

Digital microwave link.

INTREPID™ MicroWave 316 is a volumetric perimeter detection system for fencelines, open areas, gates, entryways, walls and rooftop applications. Based on Southwest Microwave’s field-proven microwave detection technology, advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) discriminates between intrusion attempts and environmental disturbances, mitigating risk of site compromise while preventing nuisance alarms. The system’s polling capabilities enable continuous monitoring of alarm and tamper status.

Perifence™ Mobile

Temporary mobile fence with detection.

The PERIFENCE MOBILE is a temporary fence for securing sites or events. It can be moved according to the phases of construction.
The PERIFENCE MOBILE can operate independently or be connected to an existing perimeter protection system.
The PERIFENCE MOBILE can be reused and re installed on other parts of the site or other sites.
Securing temporary construction
Cut through detection and escalation
Reliability, Performance and Scalability of PERIFENCE
Can be reused or move according to different phases of construction
Possibility of setting up in final
Significant savings on the costs of caretaking


Video verification and site monitoring.

OREP integrates CCTV in the perimeter protection system in order to establish a monitoring follow up and a video verification if necessary.
Studies and configurations further the needs
Wide choice in the camera range
Possible to integrate the video monitoring in our PERIVISION software
Video detection by image processing
Essential for the protection of high risk industrials sites


A new technology that detects a new threat for sensible sites and borders.

Drones are today more and more powerful in their capacity to fly but also to carry CCTV’s or dangerous items. OREP proposes a system that is complementary with other perimeter intrusion detection systems. Indeed, a DroneTracker have been developed in order to reply to this new threat. It utilizes an array of sensors to identify air space intrusion in real time.
Drone detection system
New solution for new threats
Detection before intrusion on site (100m)
Multi-sensors detection - Reliability & Low rate of false alarm
Recording and Saving video alerts