Ultrafast Speedgate

Ultrafast Speedgate is a new generation of ultra-speed opening gates that insures a reliable access control for sensitive sites

The speed of operation of ULTRAFAST SPEEDGATE (from 50cm to 1m/sec opening & closing) allows to insure a better filtering of vehicles.
Speed of operation : Adjustable form 50cm to 1m/sec
Insure a better filtering of vehicles
Reinforced the safety of sensitive sites
Avoid to use 2 different technologies on site (gates and rising barriers).
Ultra-intensive use



The ULTRAFAST SPEEDGATE is a self-supporting motorised gates ULMALU® and is provided in standard lengths for free intervals from 4m to 8m and 2m to 2m50 high as standard.

Their robust construction in aluminium profiles make them outstanding access control tools and designs. Their lightness are a guarantee of reliability and durability for gates with big lengths.

They are equipped with industrial gear motors that are used usually in robotics and they are guaranteed to operate for 100% of the time. It can be controlled by variable speed drives and they reach a record speed of a meter per second further the lengths of the gate.

The components of the automatic control cabinet are selected because of their reliability are coming from industrial automation.

Technical Characteristics

  • Fast and motorised self-supporting sliding gate
  • Maximum length: 8000 mm
  • Standard heights: 2000 to 2500 mm
  • Maximum heights: 3000 mm
  • Maximum speed opening/closing: 75 to 100 cm/sec
  • Motor protection index : IP65
  • Operating temperature range: -15 to +60°C
  • Maximum humidity in operation: 90%
  • Recommended type of use: Ultra Intensive


Applications and references

Oil & Gas site – Military sites – Airports – Power Station – Nuclear Power site – Logistic sites – Water extraction site – Prison / Jails – Harbour – Borders – Industrial site – VIP properties


Range and Options

Fast-P is an ultra-speed motorised gates with a sheet metal filling of the bottom section and a transparent polycarbonate on the upper part.

  • Maximum speed opening/closing: 100 cm/sec

Fast-B is an ultra-speed motorised gates with bars.

  • Maximum speed opening/closing: 75 cm/sec

Options that can be added on the gates:

  • LED’s traffic lights (red / green)
  • Security LED’s
  • Deterrent line 30 mm (bi-point)
  • Pedestrian access attached to the gate
  • Double doors for emergency release
  • Access control accessories