Stainless steel net with cut through detection system

Stainless steel net with cut through detection system PERISTOP® fits on all types of fences, walls or buildings and all environments (salt, chemical, ex-proof areas...)
Long life time and high reliability.
Ideal for high security or industrial sites.
Reliability: Very low false alarm rate
Performance: Very high level of detection
Great durability: Metal parts in stainless steel
Adaptation to any type of configuration
Detection cutting / climbing / attempted shunt



PERISTOP® is a 20 cm by 20 cm stainless steel mesh. The mesh is made to be a detector sensor net. All meshes are made with a 3mm stainless steel detection wire (OREP B-wire).


All detection wires are mounted and connected to form a current loop which is an alarm area. The mesh size of the detector is a net vertical resistant barrier which can’t be crossed without deterioration. The mesh sensor PERISTOP® is locked on end braces and posts using profiles and PERISTOP® detection wire.


The PERISTOP® system uses detection bent arm systems on the upper part of the fence in order to detect climbing. The detection bent arms are articulated in both directions, inside and outside. A pressing force increased or trigger an alarm. The filling can be done by sill detector grid (mesh) wire, barbed wire or inert concertina or activ concertina as PERICOIL.


The PERISTOP® system is managed by an Electronic Control Unit (Module PCB ZUC40 - insensitive to electromagnetic interference) that continuously monitors the status of loops (Monitoring of electrical continuity, impedance, leakage current and short circuits). The breaking of a wire or a grounded causes an alarm.


  • Reliable detection
  • Very low rate of false alarms


Alarm Information

  • Cutting detection system
  • Climbing attempts
  • Shunt and sabotage


Features and Benefits

  • Long life time (20-25 years) and extreme durability (Stainless steel)
  • High detection rate - Cutting / Climbing detection
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Alarm before penetration
  • Insensitivity to weather conditions
  • Fit easily and can be installed on an existing support
  • Possibility of equipping the access (gates, doors ...) PERIGATE with same system
  • Save cost - Low maintenance, easy and fast
  • Many References Applications and references in Sahara (20 km)

Technical details

  • Stainless steel metalwork
  • Stainless steel PERISTOP® B-wire
  • Insulation by TEFZEL
  • 4kV dielectric strength : factory output
  • Net Junctions by BB splice connector
  • Junction boxes (for maintenance)
  • End of line boxes for testing


ZUC40 Electronic

The principle of the detection is based on the analysis of the electrical characteristics of an isolated current loop which is formed by the closing sensor PERISTOP®

  • Analysis of the current loop impedance
  • Analysis of the short-circuit
  • Analysis of the variation of leakage current

The ZUC40 electronic board is could be mount in a standalone unit (2 or 4 zones), it can also be multi-rack mounted (up to 10 zones per rack).



The PERISTOP® can be installed in two types of configuration:

  • A local architecture with field electronic cabinet, consisting on ventilated thermostatically boxes witch control 2 or 4 zones,
  • A centralized architecture with a detection bay equipped by ZUC40 electronic board racks and PERIVISION software in option.